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03 Jun

Francia Beauty Group: KPI Kick off Meeting

Last week, Francia Beauty Group hold a KPI kick-off event at Tropicana Resort & Spa- Long Hai. All members of board of management and line managers from 3 subsidiary companies were invited to join this seminar. To make meetings exciting, we coined a slogan for the year, made T-shirts for everyone, had lunch catered in, and made it a whole day affair.

The founder welcomed attendances with a meaningful message: “Together we are one, and we are confidence to reach our objective in this 2015″.

Managers in the areas of financial management, production management, sales & marketing, human resource management, international business led the members to discuss on defining an objective, top priorities and several key activities that all support the overall company’s goal in 2015.

Kick off_1

We all know that indecision or lack of decisiveness is costing companies thousands of dollars every day. Opportunities are being lost, productivity is waning and the moral of millions of leaders and employees is eroding. That’s the reason we call upon the collaboration among the members within whole group by signing into the board of company target to express the commitment.

Kick off_2

The conference was closed and remarked by the joyfulness of all members. They found this event to be highly motivational and enjoyable for the entire company.

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